Notes for Guests to This Clinic

Dear Clinic Guests


A pediatric specialist performs examinations at this clinic. In addition to pediatric care, we also see adult patients. Siblings and parents may feel free to come. Generally, making a reservation for an examination makes things go more smoothly. This keeps waiting times down. However, patients with conditions requiring quick action may be seen more quickly than others.

What you will need for your visit

  • Please bring your insurance card and your child’s medical expense eligibility card.
  • If you have any healthcare benefit certificates or coupons for free care for infants , please bring them with you.
  • It’s often helpful to write down conditions that concern you or questions you may have.

Once you arrive at the clinic…

When coming for general examinations:

  • Go through the clear glass door on the right to enter the first-floor waiting room and check in.
  • Take the folder you are handed by the receptionist.
  • Leave the first-floor waiting room and climb the stairs up to the second floor.
  • Place your folder in the folder box and wait in the second floor waiting room.

When coming for vaccinations or infant checkups:

  • Enter through the frosted glass door and speak to the staff through the wooden door on the right.
  • Fill out the paperwork and receive your folder.
  • Climb the stairs up to the second floor.
  • Place your folder in the folder box and wait in the second-floor waiting room.

♥If you have any questions, such as where to place your folder, please speak to nearby staff.

Examinations for those who currently have or have recently had a fever


  • Make an appointment for a general examination.
  • When you reach the clinic, enter through the automatic door at the main entrance and check in at the first-floor waiting room.
  • Climb up to the clinic’s second floor and speak to the staff. There is a separate waiting room for patients with fevers, but if you would prefer to wait in your own car, please let us know. We will ask you for your phone number.
  • When your turn comes, you will be examined in the examination room. (Those who obviously have an infectious disease will be seen in a different room.)

We will explain this to you when you arrive, so we would appreciate your cooperation.

Time Required

You can find out about the current progress using the reservation-only phone number or the internet registration screen.
We recommend basing the time you come to the clinic on your number in order to minimize your waiting time.
Also, please be aware that your examination time may be changed due to the severity of your condition.


9:00~12:00 / 14:00~17:00
Tuesday afternoons,
Saturday afternoons,